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Arnica soaking oil (cosmetic grade)

Arnica is a flower that grows in the mountains, using the oldest method of soaking oil or boiled medicinal plants to bring out all the healing power of Arnica. It has the function of healing and relieving pain, and is most suitable for treating various muscle and joint aches, pains, sprains, strains, and black bruises. This plant has astringent, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and circulatory stimulation effects. It can promote and remove skin waste and help promote the regeneration of new tissues. Mixed with aloe vera gel or cream, it is helpful for red or tired muscles. Appropriate amount of Arnica japonica soaking oil can be blended into other base oils with anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties or milder ones, as a long-term analgesic and active healing oil for muscles and joints. It can be mixed with German chamomile flower water to emulsify or add to cream to make sore oil cream. Arnica soaking oil can be diluted and added 10% in other herbal oils, base oils, creams or aloe gel.


Contraindications: Please use the amount carefully, because some people may be particularly sensitive to this plant. Repeated use may cause the skin of sensitive users to become red, swollen or irritated. Do not apply to the wound.

Arnica soaking oil (cosmetic grade)

  • Botanical name: Arnica Montana


    Manufacturing part: flowers


    Extraction method:  soak


    Product information:  Soaked in hazelnut oil

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