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olive oil
The color of olive fruit varies from golden yellow to dark green, and the fragrance and taste of the fruit correspond to its color depth. Olive oil is relatively viscous and has a strong smell. Varieties grown from the Mediterranean coast have the best quality.

The first-press olive oil produced by cold pressing contains a high amount of saturated fatty acids and is mild in nature. It can soothe skin damaged by the sun, delay skin aging, and make the skin soft and elastic. It can also be made into a good hair care oil. Sunscreen, etc. Its natural ingredients include minerals, protein, monounsaturated acid, polyunsaturated acid, saturated fatty acid and vitamin E.

How to use: It can be used 100% or blended with other vegetable oils.

olive oil

  • Botanical name: Olea Europaea

    Manufacturing part: Fruit

    Extraction method: cold pressing method

    Origin of Origin: Italy

    Product information: 100% pure natural vegetable base oil

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