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Angelica Root Oil

Ou Baizhi has a very good skin moisturizing function. Many skin care products on the market have added Ou Baizhi.

Ou Baizhi is about six feet tall, with slight green and white flowers blooming at the top of the plant. The whole plant has a strong aroma, and the flower part has a honey-like smell. Both the roots and seeds of Ou Baizhi can be used to distill the essential oil. The freshly extracted essential oil is colorless and transparent, and slowly turns into yellow-brown. Its fragrance is strong. The main natural ingredient is water anisene, which accounts for about 70% of the total essential oil. In addition, there are albicans, bergamotene and its acids. and many more.

Skin curative effect: It has anti-inflammatory effect and is helpful for various skin problems. It has excellent efficacy in treating molds.

Suitable essential oils: cedar, sandalwood, basil, chamomile, geranium, grapefruit, lavender, lemon, citrus.

It belongs to medium volatility.

Contraindications: Ou Baizhi essential oil is sensitive to light, do not use exposure to sunlight. Pregnant women and diabetic patients should avoid using it. Excessive use may cause insomnia.

Angelica Root Oil

  • Botanical name: Angelica Archangelica

    Manufacturing part: root

    Extraction method: distillation

    Origin of Origin: UK        

    Product information: 100% pure natural plant essential oil

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