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Parsley Oil

The English name of parsley, Parsley, is derived from Petros before the genus name. Petros means stone in Greek because parsley likes to grow in an environment full of gravel. Native to the Mediterranean region, it is now thriving in most of the mainland. There are many varieties of parsley, some of its oil-green leaves are flat, and some varieties are wrinkled, with yellow flowers, and the stem is 60 cm long. The main producer of parsley essential oil is France.


Suitable essential oils: orange, marjoram, sweet orange, rosemary, lavender.


Note: It is advisable to use a low dose, otherwise it will make people dizzy, and should not be used during pregnancy or when menstrual cramps occur, because parsley can cause uterine contractions. It is said to stimulate and regulate the kidneys, but avoid using it when suffering from kidney disease and gastric ulcer.

Parsley Oil

  • Botanical name: Petroselinum sativum


    Manufacturing part:  seed


    Extraction method:  Distillation


    Origin of Origin: France


    Product information:  100% natural essential oils


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