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Rosehip oil (cosmetic grade)
The most important natural ingredients of rosehip oil are linolenic acid oil and vitamin C. Its main ingredients are linolenic acid 48% and linoleic acid 33%. For this essential fatty acid, rose hips extracted from Chile have the best quality, while cold-pressed extracts have the best quality. It has a very good anti-aging function, softening, whitening, anti-wrinkle and eliminating stretch marks. With the function of tissue regeneration, it can effectively improve scars, dull and shiny and youthful skin. It is very effective in maintaining skin moisture. It also has the effect of preventing pigmentation and sunburn after sun exposure.

The tissue regeneration effect of rosehip oil is better than other vegetable oils, and it has a very good effect on diminishing scars, such as burns, scalds or scars after surgery, and even old scars. Although the recovery period is longer, it only needs to be patient daily Rubbing, the effect will be very significant. It is particularly effective for treating wrinkles, fine lines, aging, dryness, lack of water, and lack of oil. Rose seed oil is dark yellow or light brown in color. Contains natural linoleic acid, fatty acids, citric acid, vitamin A and C.

How to use: 10% dilution, 100% use for very dry or aging skin

Rosehip oil (cosmetic grade)

  • Botanical name: Rosa Rubiginosa

    Manufacturing part: Seed

    Extraction method: cold pressing method

    Origin of Origin: Chile

    Product information: 100% pure natural vegetable base oil

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