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Galbanum Oil

White rosin is a gelatinous rosin, and the essential oil is distilled from the thick sap naturally exuding from the old tree trunk. It is warm and has a strong aroma, and the essential oils are thick and dark yellow. The main component of white rosin essential oil is carnitone, which accounts for more than 50%. There are also pine oil, limonene, terpinene, myricene and juniper oil. Its fragrance is easily mixed with other essential oils. However, different people may have different results, and need to be deployed according to personal needs and favorites.

It is a highly volatile essential oil.

Galbanum Oil

  • Botanical name: Ferula Galbaniflua

    Manufacturing part: Resin

    Extraction method: distillation

    Origin of Origin: Iran

    Product information: 100% pure natural plant essential oil


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