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Blue ketone peptide

Copper (Copper) is a trace element needed to maintain body functions (2 mg per day). It has many and complex functions. It is an element required for the action of various cell enzymes. In the role of skin tissue, it has the functions of anti-oxidation, promoting collagen proliferation, and assisting wound healing. Scientists have discovered that the wrinkle-removing effect of copper molecules is mainly through the carrier of amino acid complex (peptide), so that the biochemical effect of the bivalent copper ion component enters the cell and exerts its physiological function. The copper-bonded amino acid GHK-CU is a complex composed of three amino acids and one copper ion discovered by scientists from the serum. This blue copper peptide can effectively promote collagen and Elastin proteins The manufacture of it increases blood vessel growth and antioxidant capacity, and stimulates the production of glucosamine (GAGs) to help the skin regain its natural ability to repair itself. Using this breakthrough GHK-CU can increase the vitality of cells without damaging the skin or irritating the skin, gradually repairing the lost collagen in the body, making the subcutaneous tissues strong, and the wounds healed quickly, thereby achieving wrinkles and anti-aging the goal of. The composition of GHK-Cu is: glycyl-L-histidyl-L-lysine-copper, copper ion Cu2+ is not the yellow color of copper metal, but blue in aqueous solution , So GHK-Cu is also called "blue copper peptide".


Blue ketone peptide can effectively dilute the fine lines on the skin, and can effectively resist oxidation, restore the skin's repair ability, and make the skin firm before reducing the lines on the skin. To keep your skin youthful, the most important thing is to maintain collagen and elastin. At the same time, if you can improve the skin's repair ability, you can keep your skin moisturized and smooth like BABY. However, as we age, these qualities will gradually be lost, so we must rely on external supplements.


Blue ketone peptide

  • The copper-bonded amino acid has been tested by many scientists in the academic and clinical fields, and the following effects have been confirmed:


    ~ Stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin, firm the skin and reduce fine lines.

    ~Restore skin repair ability and increase the production of mucus between skin cells.

    ~ Stimulate the formation of glucosamine, increase the thickness of the skin, reduce the sagging of the skin, and tighten the skin.

    ~ Promote blood vessel proliferation and increase skin oxygen supply.

    ~Assistant antioxidant enzyme SOD, has a powerful anti-free radical function.

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