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K‵s CHOICE‵s raw materials are carefully selected by Ms. Coco Ning from the Forever Bloom Handicraft Room in Taiwan. She will choose the most suitable formula according to the season and skin type. , To formulate the most suitable for our no-additive pure hand made skincare products.

*All products sold in this shop are for external use only. Oral use (such as food, injections, etc.) is never recommended. If you feel unwell due to mistaking or incorrect use of our products, please go to the accident and emergency department immediately. Responsible


*Pure natural products, regardless of raw materials, finished products or semi-finished products, will also vary due to climate and environmental changes. It is normal for each batch of fragrance, color, and sediment to be different.


*Precautions for using essential oils: 100% pure essential oils are of high concentration. Most essential oils need to be diluted before they can be used directly on the body. Do a skin test before use to avoid allergies and avoid contact with eyes. Infants, pregnant women, asthmatics, liver and kidney patients, and epilepsy patients must consult an expert before using some essential oils. Pay attention to the quality when buying, because inferior essential oils are harmful. Essential oils can be invasive to rubber and plastic, so be careful to choose the correct oil bottle.


*As the market price of natural essential oil fluctuates frequently, the actual price is subject to the confirmed order. K's CHOICE reserves the right to adjust prices without prior notice.


*Because there are too many products, the list is not exhaustive. Individual enquiries and quotations are welcome.


*All product prices are in U.S. dollars.


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