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Order and delivery notice

*You can order directly on the website or call the owner to inquire about ordering

*For callers, please email or Signal the deposit certificate to us for confirmation after placing the order

*Because the hand-tuned perfume contains natural aromatic substances, it takes time for the aromatic elements to fuse, and because of the "just call and do", each order takes about 14 days to complete, please be patient

*Free delivery service for each order of HKD$1000 or above (only limited to Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories, outlying islands are not included)

*For each order less than HKD$1000 or outlying islands, the freight will be paid in the form of "pay on collection" and the recipient will pay at the time of receipt

*Each order only accepts one delivery address. If the goods are required to be delivered to two or more addresses, the customer must bear the full shipping cost.

*The recipient must sign the receipt for confirmation when receiving the goods. If no one picks up or signs for the shipment when it arrives, the customer will be responsible for the additional delivery costs

*The delivery note will be sent to the customer by email or Signal after the goods are sent, so that the customer can follow up on their own

*If there is a single item in the order with a value of more than HKD$1000, you can make an appointment for the owner to deliver it in person

*After the goods are shipped and confirmed by the buyer, the customer is responsible for all tracking, loss, damage or other matters related to the goods, and K,s CHOICE is not responsible

*All goods cannot be returned after going out


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