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The hexapeptide is actually a small molecule protein. The most basic structure of a protein is amino acids, and multiple amino acids are combined to form a peptide chain. Three amino acids form three peptides, five amino acids are called five peptides, and so on. The bond between the peptide chains causes a three-dimensional change, and finally a macromolecular protein (amino acid → Shengtai → protein) is formed. As a skin care product, generally speaking, the molecules should not be too large. Protein molecules are too large to stay on the surface of the skin and cannot be absorbed. So the scientists cut the protein into small victorian bonds to reduce the molecular weight and three-dimensional barriers, so it can be deeply absorbed by the skin. But in the process of cutting the protein, what combination of cutting methods should be used to keep its characteristics? Scientists have used various numbers of amino acids and combinations to discover peptide chains, which are not only good for absorption, but also can be used as a message transmitting substance to adjust the skin's physiological response.


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