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Dill Herb Oil

Dill seeds have the effects of stimulating, rejuvenating, purifying, balancing, sterilizing and cleansing. Dill seeds have a fresh, warm and spicy herbal smell. The plant is about one meter tall and has pale yellow flowers that bloom in summer.


Skin effect : It can promote damaged healing.


Suitable essential oils : Mixing geranium and clary sage essential oils has a good effect. Others include bergamot, cypress, frankincense, sweet orange, rosemary, coriander, orange, myrtle, petitgrain, cedar, cinnamon, citrus, orange blossom, mint, caraway, etc.


It is a medium volatile oil.


Contraindications for use: Avoid use during pregnancy.

Dill Herb Oil

  • Botanical name:  Anethum Graveolens


    Manufacturing part:  seed


    Extraction method:  Distillation


    Origin of Origin:  Hungary


    Product information:  100% natural essential oils

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