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Melissa Oil True Top Grade

In addition to German chamomile and lemon balm essential oils, which are one of the most commonly used essential oils to relieve allergies, some people’s problems cannot be significantly improved after using chamomile essential oils, but switching to lemon balm essential oils will produce amazing results. The low concentration of lemon balm essential oil is very effective in helping eczema and other skin problems. But be especially careful when using lemon balm essential oil, because it can easily cause skin allergies. In massage oil, the concentration of lemon balm essential oil cannot be higher than 1%. When added to the bath water, three to four drops of lemon balm essential oil is the highest safe dosage, and there is no problem with this dilution standard. It can be used as a freshener or insect repellent, and has the same effect as lemon and lemongrass essential oils.


The whole plant of lemon balm can be extracted with a charming lemon scent essential oil, and its essential oil contains three common ingredients of lemon essential oil, including citral, citronella oil and coriander oleyl alcohol. Pure lemon balm essential oil is very scarce, because the water content in this plant is abnormally high, and the content of essential oil is very small. Therefore, a very large amount of lemon balm must be collected to produce a very small amount of essential oil.


Skin effects : Effectively inhibit mold and eczema. If added to shampoo, it can cleanse greasy hair and prevent hair loss.


Suitable essential oils : basil, bay laurel, chamomile, frankincense, geranium, ginger, jasmine, juniper berries, lavender, neroli, rose, rosemary, ylang ylang, melaleuca, sweet orange, etc.


It is a medium volatile oil.


Contraindications for use: The use of a concentration of less than 1% will be more mild. It should also be avoided during pregnancy.

Melissa Oil True Top Grade

  • Botanical name:  Melissa Officinalis


    Manufacturing part:  leaf


    Extraction method:  Distillation


    Origin of Origin:  Italy


    Product information:  100% natural essential oils

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