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Verbena essential oil Verbena Spanish

Verbena essential oil has a gentle and calming effect. It can relieve insomnia, anxiety and stress when used in massage. Adding no more than three drops of essential oils in the bath water at night can help sleep. Add three to four drops of lavender essential oil to get a calming bath. Dilute the use of verbena essential oil massage or bath can solve many different causes of sleep problems.


The output of verbena essential oil is very small, which is why its price is relatively expensive. The main components in essential oils are 30%-45% citral, limonene, cinnamon leaf oil, linalool, geranol and so on.


Contraindications: Verbena essential oil may cause skin sensitivity, so it needs to be used in low doses.

Verbena essential oil Verbena Spanish

  • Botanical name:  Lippia Javanica


    Manufacturing part:  Flower/stem


    Extraction method:  Distillation


    Origin of Origin:  Spain


    Product information:  100% natural essential oils

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